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5 Ways To Decrease Your Bounce Rate

By February 27, 2019 March 27th, 2019 No Comments

Are you constantly fighting (and losing) a battle with bounce rate on your website? Bounce rate, or the percentage of visitors to a website who leave the site after viewing only one page, can kill your website’s performance, and end up costing your business a lot of money.

Check out these 5 tips to decrease your bounce rate:

1. Slow Loading Time 
Nobody likes a slow website. You need your site to load in under 3 seconds or your bounce rate will sky-rocket.

2. Too much content/cluttered design 
If your website looks like a jam-packed highway, visitors will leave right away. Make sure your website is well-designed and not cluttered!

3. Misleading titles and click bates (never use click bait) 
If you promise visitors one thing but don’t deliver, you’ll anger them and cause them to leave immediately. Never use click bait or misleading titles to attract new visitors, it’ll only hurt your site!

4. Unresponsive mobile site / not mobile optimized 
Over 50% of website visitors are coming from mobile devices. If your site isn’t ready for mobile visitors, your bounce rate will go through the roof!

5. Poorly designed page 
Similarly to tip #2, if your website is poorly designed, people will leave. Visitors like websites that look nice, so make sure your site is up-to-speed with current design trends!

If you feel lost or need help decreasing your bounce rate and fixing these 5 tips, reach out to us! We’re leaders in building websites with low bounce rates, and high conversion rates!