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5 Ways To Boost Your Landing Page Success

Landing pages are one of the most important factor in online marketing, specifically pay-per-click. Anybody can drive paid traffic to a website, but most can’t actually turn those visitors into real customers. This is where a landing page comes in. In this article, we’re going to cover our top 5 things that makes a killer landing page, that converts higher than most others.


1. Over-the-top clear call-to-action

A clear call-to-action is the most important aspect of a landing page. Without a clear call-to-action, your visitors won’t know what the next steps are if they’re interested in buying your product or service. The most popular call-to-actions are:

  • Lead generation form
  • Buy now button (leads directly to checkout page)
  • Button that opens a Lead generation form

If you notice, all of these call-to-actions will generate a new customer or lead in some way. These are the calls-to-action your landing page needs.

Let’s take a look at one of our landing pages for pay-per-click advertising. Can you find the call to action?

Yes, it’s the lead generation form located on the right-hand side of the page. 


2. Bullet points, not paragraphs.

Nobody likes to read novels about what your product or service is. Your visitors want to clearly understand what it is you’re offering in a few seconds. This is where bullet points come into play.

On our landing page, we could have written

“Alpha Bravo Design Group is a leader in pay-per-click advertising, performing in the top 1% of all online marketers. We create ads that will get your business new customers, each day. Not only will we manage your PPC ads, we’ll also create and optimize your landing pages. We have packages for all sizes of businesses starting from $99/mo”

Instead, we used 4 short bullet points:

  • Top Ads On Google 
  • Get New Customers Daily 
  • Landing Page Design
  • Packages From $99/mo

See how we were able to explain what services we offer, without making the visitor read an entire paragraph. Of course, this tip is most effective for the main hero section on your landing page, or above the fold. Below the fold, feel free to write as much content as possible to clearly explain what it is you’re offering as if the visitor has already scrolled down, they are looking for more information and should receive that information.


3. Make it easy to use & the BJ Fogg Behavior Model

According to the BJ Fogg behavior, in order for a user on your site to complete the action you desire (e.x fill out a form) they need to be motivated, have a trigger, and it has to be easy for them to do so. As it becomes harder for the visitor to complete the action, the more motivation you must create.

Think of it this way… what if I told you I will give you $1,000,000 if you run 10 miles right now. Would you do it? Now what if I asked you to run 10 miles right now for $5, would you still do it? Probably not. This is because your motivation to complete the tasks lacks in the $5 scenario. Lastly, what if I told you I would pay you $5 if you did 5 jumping-jacks. Would you do it?

The same principal is true with landing page design, and pretty much anytime you want somebody to do anything. In order to convince the visitor to complete their purchase, fill out the form, or click the button, you need to motivate them enough to do so. Relating back to the examples above, you want to make your call-to-action as easy as possible to complete, just like the jumping-jack scenario. The harder it is for the visitor to complete the desired action, the more motivation or reward you need to provide. This essentially means that your forms need to be as short as possible, and only collect the absolute necessary information -so that you don’t turn away people.

While it would be nice for us to know the visitors website URL, number of employees, annual revenue, what products they currently use, what products they provide, where they are located etc it’s not essential for us to make contact with the lead. Simply, all we NEED is a: name, email, phone number, and business name. All of the other information we can gather later. By reducing our landing page forms down to only 5 fields, it decreases how difficult it is for the visitor to complete it.

4. Lighting fast & on-topic

Your landing pages need to be lighting fast. If it takes more than 2 seconds to load, there is an issue. The speed of your landing page will also effect your Google Quality Score (for PPC marketing), so make sure it is as fast as possible. Also, if the page takes too long to load, the traffic you just paid for won’t patiently sit and wait for your site to load, they’ll simply click away -and you lose the sale and the money to drive that person. Take advantage of a CDN or other services to help increase your speed.

Secondly, your landing page needs to be right on topic. If the title of the page is “Local plumbers” don’t advertise your electrical services. Staying on topic is extremely important to your relevancy factor in Google, which impacts your quality score. It’s a good idea to also only show off one product or service on your landing page.

5. People like people

Having pictures on your landing page is very important, and if you can, include pictures of real people. For example, if you provide a local DJ service, maybe include a picture of one of your DJs playing music and dancing. When people see pictures of other people, who are happy and enjoying themselves, they react better to the landing page and the message.


We hope you enjoyed this article, and hopefully you’ve learned something that will help increase your landing page success. If you think this is too much for you to manage, or you want the absolute best results possible, contact us here to hire Alpha Bravo Design Group for your business (yes, that’s a landing page 😉