Why Your Website Needs To Be Made For Mobile

Mobile devices are now taking over the internet and holding web designers and developers hostage. Having a mobile ready site is now more important than ever as people are using their smart phones more and more to browse the internet, find local businesses, get directions, and much more. According to, mobile devices accounted for 52.2% of all web traffic in 2018.

But what does that mean to you?

Well, for one, that means your website needs to be mobile-optimized. But, in today’s world, being “mobile-ready” isn’t enough. Your website doesn’t have to just “work” on mobile devices -it needs be fully designed for mobile devices. After all, just adding a few lines of code will make your website run on a mobile device, but that doesn’t necessary mean that it’ll be designed for mobile. If your website isn’t made for mobile devices, you’re going to be missing out on 52.2% of all web traffic.

What does it mean to be designed-for-mobile?

Taking into consideration that over 50% of all web traffic is from mobile devices, your website needs to be designed for that traffic. This can be achieved in a two different ways-

  1. You can create a whole new website for your mobile device and redirect mobile traffic to it (making it a subdomain ex:
  2. You can use CSS to hide and show classes and divs according to the device type. This means that only mobile designed elements will be shown on mobile, and others will be shown on desktop

What about WordPress sites?

Most WordPress themes are come pre-packed mobile ready… but again, that doesn’t mean they’re made for mobile (or have elements made for mobile). Making your WordPress site made for mobile will depend on what theme you’re using. Most times, you’ll be able to install a CSS editor plugin that will allow you to edit the actual code of your website, allowing you to hide and show classes and divs according to the device type.

What if I don’t know how edit my site or CSS?

If you’re like most website owners, you most likely do not know how to edit code, write CSS, HTML, Javascript and more. That means you should hire a professional company to manage your website -like Alpha Bravo Design Group. At Alpha Bravo Design Group, we’ll custom build a website for your business, catered to your exact and specific needs. We’ll also make sure that your website is designed for mobile, just like our site.