Shared, VPS, Or Dedicated Server For My Web Hosting

When it comes to website hosting, there are many different choice -not only in terms of providers to go with, but also the type of hosting you require. You can find hosting plans for as little as $5/mo, or plans exceeding $1,000/mo. When you are looking for a web host, you’ll soon get lost in all the tech-lingo and you might up spending unnecessary money.

For most small-businesses, a shared hosting account is more than enough to power their site. There’s no need to purchase a VPS or Dedicated Server for your single website -it’s simply an unnecessary cost. If you plan on running WordPress to power your site, many hosting companies offer great integration with WordPress on a shared plan, or even a dedicated WordPress plan, so you’ll want to take that into consideration, too.

When would I need a VPS or Dedicated Server?

VPS and Dedicated Servers are only practical if you are running multiple different websites, you are hosting software (SaaS), if you have extremely high traffic volumes, or if you need full access to the server, command line, security and overall ultimate control. Again, for most people, this is not the best option and is just overkill. The main benefit of a VPS or Dedicated Server would be that you have full control over the actual server, but that also means that you’re responsible for managing it –all on your own. Hosting companies like GoDaddy, Bluehost, Namecheap and more understands that if you are on a shared hosting account, you most likely aren’t an expert at managing servers, so they’ll manage it for you. However, as soon as you are on a VPS or Dedicated Server, they assume you are an expert and will not help you, should any issues arise. Keep this in mind that on a VPS or Dedicated Server, you’re on your own.

You can always upgrade

In almost every situation, hosting companies make it very easy to upgrade your services at, anytime. This means that if you feel that your site needs the extra power, you can always upgrade to a VPS or Dedicated Server. However, downgrading your service is extremely hard, and in most cases -not even an option. With this knowledge, it seems to be a much better idea to start your website on a shared hosting plan and then increase your service as needed. Overall, you’d rather run out of space and upgrade than overpay for services an features you will never use.

What is a shared hosting account?

On a shared hosting account, your website is stored alongside hundreds, or even thousands of other websites (don’t worry, your information is all safe and private). There are pros and cons with a shared account:


  • Great security as the hosting company manages it
  • Lower costs since you share the server with others
  • Help is always available


  • Little-to-no control over the server
  • Limited space and bandwith available


What is a VPS?

On a VPS -or Virtually Private Server, you own a much larger section of the server which your website belongs to. For most businesses, a VPS is a great solution as it offers much more control over the server itself, while being very affordable.


  • Advanced server control
  • Affordable rates
  • Larger storage and bandwith available


  • No help from customer support
  • You’re on your own to manage it

What is a Dedicated Server?

And finally, there is the dedicated server. This is the ultimate solution for larger businesses that run multiple sites, large software, have very high traffic to the site, or need absolute control over everything. With this service, you own the entire server and you have full control over it.


  • Full server control
  • (almost) Unlimited storage and bandwith available (you can add more to it as needed)


  • No help from customer support
  • You’re on your own to manage it
  • Very expensive

Confused, or simply don’t have the time to manage a website, server, code and CMS? We’ll take care of that for you and design a beautiful custom-made website. Contact us here to grow your business online!