How To Get A Custom Email Address For Your Business

Everybody wants to have their very own custom email address for their business. Whether you provide local services, sell physical goods, sell digital products, or more, having a custom email address is a great way to not only establish credibility and trust, but also increase brand recognition. There’s nothing worse than your business email being [email protected] Instead, you want [email protected]

There are many different providers when it comes to email sending from your domain name. If you already have a web hosting account, you’ll probably notice free open-source software for email delivery that is included in your plan. But, with the free software your messages won’t actually ever make it to the recipient’s inbox… it’ll be blocked as spam. This is why you will need a paid service like Microsoft Office, G-Suite or Zoho.

Why will my messages go to spam?

Simply put, your server doesn’t have a long reputation being a trusted sender with email hosts like Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo and more. It’s not that you are sending spam or your business is untrusted, it’s just that your server isn’t made to send secure and non-spammy messages. When iCloud (or any other email service) receives an email on behalf of a user, they look into a number of factors to determine whether the message is spam or not. One of these factors is the server it’s coming from, or IP Address -and unless the server is whitelisted in hundreds of spam blockers, the message will trigger these spam nets. You might think it’s easy to get whitelisted in these blockers, but in reality it is a daunting process that takes time and tons of money.

The cost and energy to get your server and IP address whitelisted wouldn’t be worth it when you can easily purchase a email sending service from providers like like Microsoft Office, G-Suite or Zoho.

What’s the technical process?

Usually, it’s really not that difficult to setup a email service if you have full access to the DNS (domain name server) for your domain name. If you do, the service you decide to purchase will provide you with very clear instructions on how to setup the DNS. Typically, you’ll simply have to edit a few MX (mail routing) records and a few TXT records so that your server knows where to forward mail to when it receives it.

If you are a customer with Alpha Bravo Design Group, please contact your account executive to setup an email service -we’ll take care of everything. 

How much will it cost?

With G-Suite (Google’s service) their most affordable plan is $5/mo/user. This means if you need 5 email accounts (e.x. [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected]), you would pay $25/mo for their service. This is a much more affordable option than trying to setup a custom email server.

What about automated emails?

If your website or software needs to send automated emails, like payment receipts, you’ll need an Email Delivery Service. This is a solution for sending automated or mass emails from your domain. At Alpha Bravo Design Group, we use SendGrid. Not only is it very developer-friendly and easy to use, it’s also affordable. SendGrid allows your website to send outgoing emails very quickly through SMTP or API. SendGrid (or any other Email Delivery Service) will also ensure that your messages do not end up in spam.